Teacher Cassidy

Lead Teacher: Cassidy Harger

(Pronouns: She/Her)

Teacher Cassidy is our Lead Teacher for the '22-'23 school year! She loves to take hikes, forage, and teach preschool! Originally from Texas, she moved to the PNW about 4 years ago and fell in love with the outdoors.

Cassidy has a decade of experience in daycare, preschool, and public schools. She has her teaching certification in Early Education through sixth grade, as well as an ESL certification. She believes that everyone is welcome in her classroom, and strives to create inclusive experiences for everyone. She has significant one on one experience with Autistic children, and brings that knowledge with her to Under the Trees Forest Preschool.

She is a mom to two children. Her older son is off to school this year, but attended the Caregiver and Me program last year and learned so much! You will often see her daughter with her while she teaches.