About Us

What is Forest Preschool?

Under the Trees Forest Preschool is a fully outdoor Forest Preschool located in the Troutdale, Oregon. Forest Preschool blends early literacy, mathmatics, art, and science with the outdoors to help develop a well-rounded preschooler! On a day-to-day basis,  we use nature to help build letter recognition, counting, and creating. This could look like drawing letters in the mud with sticks we found, or learning to count using leaves and berries! Everything at our Forest school is focused around nature, incuding our centers. Examples of centers we use throughout the year are mud kitchens, building fairy houses with natural items, and creating dens. 

Our Mission Statement: 

"Under the Trees Forest Preschool is  dedicated to providing a nurturing environment which motivates and challenges students in both academics and in building respect and wonder for the nature around us." 


We stay outside! We make sure that children, teachers, and parents recieve a gear list with the appropriate items when enrolling for forest preschool. With the appropriate clothing, any weather can be an enjoyable learning experience. We will close for the day if the wind poses a risk for fallen branches, or if the weather dips under 20 degrees. 

You will walk your child down to shelter A at Glenn Otto Park. When you arrive to get them, you will also walk down to shelter A to pick them up. 

We have access to the bathrooms at Glenn Otto Park, and they are right by our shelter. As far as potty training, if the child is in Caregiver and Me, it is up to the caregiver to help with toileting so being potty trained is not necessary. For children in drop off preschool, being potty trained is an important skill for the children to have. If there is a medical or developmental reason for needing assistance, we are more than willing to discuss what that could look like if your child attends Drop Off Preschool. 

Yes. We do safety drills once every month and when new children are enrolled. We want to make sure that we are being as safe as possible, although the liklihood of anything dangerous happening is very low. 

All of our teachers have received thorough background checks. We have also required all of our teachers to have current first aid/cpr certification, and all necessary safety and educational trainings required by the state of Oregon. We pride ourselves in having outstanding and qualified teachers that love their jobs! 

Last year, all of our teachers and students were required to mask as per state/city recomendations and to help protect our most vulnerable population. This year, we are giving families the choice and supporting them either way. With that being said, if you or your child are sick please stay at home in order to keep everyone happy and healthy!

We are always looking for enthusiastic and qualified teachers and subs to add to our team. Please give us a call or send us a message on facebook to ask about employment opportunities. Keep up to date with ads for current job openings on our facebook and website. 

Location & Schedule


Glenn Otto Park

1102 E Historic Columbia River HWY

Troutdale, OR 97060

Drop Off Preschool:

M/W/F, 3-4 years, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


T/Th, age 2-5 years, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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Under the Trees Forest Preschool

1450 NE 17th Street

Gresham, OR 97030